Reg. No. 174230-A
GST Number : 001522270208
Established: 24th September 1988
Chairman: Tomotsugu Okada 岡田智継
Managing Director: Tomotsugu Okada 岡田智継
Products: Office Furniture & Industrial Chair
Headquarter: Uchida Yoko Co,.LTD
Tomotsugu Okada

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“Producing Valuable Product”
to Global Customers

I’m Tomotsugu Okada, President of Uchida MK, since Y2010 after appointed as Managing director from Y2006.

We, Uchida MK sdn bhd, has been developing and providing comprehensive products which has attractiveness and original unique concept with functions under our corporate philosophy, "To Provide The Best Quality Products To The World."

In recent years the development and spread of IT has significantly changed the business environment and office concept itself. In response to changes in the social and economic conditions and IT technology, we will do our utmost to develop valuable products which conform to various needs and expectation, such as global environmental protection, safety and security that will be provided through network of our dealers and partners to our global customers continuously.

Over the next decade, we pledge to work as one to fulfill UCHIDA MK mission and to build strong, dynamic relationships with dealers, partners, customers, the communities we are part of, and our stakeholders.

Group of Companies
The Uchida Yoko Group consists of Uchida Yoko as well as its 40 subsidiaries and 15 affiliates. By combining the areas of expertise of all the companies in the group, we can arm ourselves with the comprehensive power to respond aptly to the varied needs of our customers. The major companies in the Uchida Yoko Group are categorized into business areas as follows :

Headquarter in Japan
Uchida Yoko Co.,Ltd

Worldwide Sales Companies
Uchida Yoko Global Limited
Uchida Yoko Office Facilities Co.,Ltd