Swivel Chair
An extension of AJ Chair’s identity.

One of our iconic chairs, AJ is now renewed from scratch, keeping the attractive features of the first AJ while adding refined functions and design details to cater to today’s working way and environment.

AJ2 makes any scene, any environment more vibrant and sophisticated.

3D mesh that reacts to the human body.
Bigger vents are intentionally allocated around the shoulder area of the mesh backrest to change the shape flexibly when leaning, stretching, or turning around. Vents around the lower back area are made smaller to support the lumbar firmly.
Weight Sensing Mechanism.
Weight sensing mechanism that can adjust backrest tension to interact with user’s feature. It provides optimum sitting mode without any special adjustment.
Abundant Volume Seat Cushion.
50mm thickness cushion produced by firm urethane will receive your weight properly and promote best body pressure distribution for comfort even during long period of sitting.
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The designer of AJ Chair:
Takashi Asaka / Akinari Asaka Design Studio TRIFORM

Established in 1979. Takashi Asaka and Akinari Asaka joined since 1993 and 2000 respectively in Uchida's mission for the development of office chairs. They are active and specialize in the design development, which shows maker’s philosophy and skills. Takashi Asaka acts as the chairperson of Japan Industrial Designer Association and he won many awards in the past years, e.g. iF Award, Mainichi Interior Design Award etc.

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