Swivel Chair
Change value, Change price.
The standard of office chair is changed. AJ Chair in the debut worldwide.
A new office chair with both perfect functionality and appearance and the mechanism to allow everyone sits comfortably is going to be delivered to the office all over the world! The production of AJ Chair redefines the standard of cost VS performance - fine quality but with new price!
Gentle but strong. Back made by united molded polyamide resin.
The leaning back of AJ Chair is made by the strong polyamide resin. It is durable for long-term usage and is flexible to accommodate with different bodies. The ventilation and the flexibility of the mesh structure is good, so, people do always feel comfortable even though they sit on AJ Chair for a long time.
Ideal Elasticity Distribution and Auto-sensing Mechanism
The width and height of the leaning back of AJ Chair is 472mm and 630mm respectively. People who are in big physique can also fit in with this size. The cell of 3D mesh structure pursuing an ideal elasticity distribution can control the variation ratio which similar to the combination of different size and shape and achieve the optimal holding sense. The reclining system adopts auto-sensing mechanism. It achieves the optimal reclining strength that responds to the users’ physique and posture.
Change working ways, Change seating ways
Globalization and diversity. Together with the extension of business field, it is requested to have frequent changes in working ways and working places. Office chair should change if the working ways changed. AJ Chair supports your revolution of working style and is your new business partner.
Fabric Colors |
AJ Chair has a leaning back in 3D mesh structure, which is made up of 356pcs of cells. You can see the intellectual moldingfully utilizes linear and geometrical lines from the back and the organic form like being wrapped by emotions from the side of the body. Not only the working places, but also all environments can match with it, such as conference and reception.  

The designer of AJ Chair:
Takashi Asaka / Akinari Asaka Design Studio TRIFORM

Established in 1979. Takashi Asaka and Akinari Asaka joined since 1993 and 2000 respectively in Uchida's mission for the development of office chairs. They are active and specialize in the design development, which shows maker’s philosophy and skills. Takashi Asaka acts as the chairperson of Japan Industrial Designer Association and he won many awards in the past years, e.g. iF Award, Mainichi Interior Design Award etc.

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