Our Policy
Environmental Policy
UCHIDA MK will implement an Environmental Management System (EMS) for managing the environmental aspect of it activities and product through out its business process of manufacturing office and clean room chair; from product development, procurement, production and storage to transportation. All of its business activities will be conducted in accordance to the following policies as well as the relevant parts of it parent company UCHIDA YOKO JAPAN.
a. Comply with the relevant Malaysian environment legislation and regulation and other voluntary requirement to which it subscribes.
b. Prevent and control environment pollution related to its activities and products.
c. Set and periodically review environment objectives and targets pertaining to significant environment aspect of its activities and products.
d. Continuously improve its environmental system and performance.
e. Help conserve natural resources by minimizing waste throughout it business process.
f. Provide a safe and healthy workplace for its employees and promote safe and and healthy behavior and practices in workplace.
Quality Policy
It is the policy of UCHIDA MK Sdn. Bhd. to provide its customers with "THE BEST QUALITY PRODUCTS";.
The best quality products are products which:
a. Meet the product quality and safety requirements at all time during the expected service duration;
b. Meet all the product design requirements including function, reliability, and performance requirements;
c. Free from visual defects which degrade the appearance of the products;
d. Continuous improvement effort to ensure that customers expectation for quality are met by distinctive efficiency and accuracy and all times.