Industrial Chair Collections

We have manufactured cleanroom & ESD chairs more than 20 years and are always trying to improve our quality & functions to cater to our precious customer.

Our cleanroom chairs are produced in an environment where extra dust and dirt are not deposited. Every process are strictly controlled to meet customer demand and fulfill cleanliness and ESD global standard. Also chairs produced at our factory are packed in the cleanroom environment. Thus it has controlled level of contamination and very easy to start using of our chairs with minimum preparation and cleaning.

Process of Production :
A. ESD Test   B. Cleaning   C. Particle Push-Out  
  D. Clean Pack Shipment
Every ESD Chair is
strictly checked for
conductivity before
ship out.
  Final cleaning is done at our cleanroom facility in our factory to secure high level of cleanliness.   For minimizing possibility of contamination,
particle are squeezed out before packing.
  All chairs are cleanly & carefully packed by using clean controlled plastic bag. This will help easy installation when customer starts to use our products.
Selectable Function for our products :

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