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The enhancement of productivity at “workplace” is the main concern of the management in the worldwide at present competitive market. We strive to produce excellences in products which can provide high comfort and originality, to support / to enhance the productivity such as office chair, meeting table and etc.

All of our products are credited for the durability and safety fundamental by the Japanese Standard requirement such as JOIFA, JIS and so on. All of our products also produce under the supervisory of Japanese Style Quality Control System.

At the same time, every step of our company product lifecycle from the design and manufacturing phases to the disposal phases are done in such it is environmentally friendly. For example;

i The raw materials for the main parts of products such as plastics and aluminum are labeled as to assist in segregation during recycle after it past its lifecycle.
ii We seek to increase the usage of recycle material in producing the product without affecting the quality of the product especially on durability and safety issues.
iii Powder coat painting facility is built to minimize the impact on environmental issue in Malaysia factory site. Its effluent water is kept from flowing to the drain.
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