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The Uchida Yoko Group consists of Uchida Yoko as well as its 40 subsidiaries and 15 affiliates. By combining the areas of expertise of all the companies in the group, we can arm ourselves with the comprehensive power to respond aptly to the varied needs of our customers. The major companies in the Uchida Yoko Group are categorized into business areas as follows :
Headquarter In Japan
  • Uchida Yoko Co.,Ltd

  • Manufacturing In Japan
  • Suntech Co.Ltd
    Worldwide Sales Companies
  • Uchida Yoko Global Limited
  • Uchida of America, Corp
  • Uchida Yoko Office Facilities (Shangai Co.Ltd)
    Engineering Business In Japan
  • Uchida Esco Co., Ltd
  • Uchida Techno Co., Ltd
    Office Design / Consulting In Japan
  • Powerplace Inc.
    Personnel Placement / Education and Training In Japan
  • Uchida Human Development Co., Ltd